RuedX: (short for Rueda Exchange) is an event where groups from many countries (cities) are invited to a host city
for a series of workshops taught by instructors from those groups.
They are a fun way to share our knowledge passion for Rueda, to travel, dance, and make new friends,
to strengthen the Rueda community in Europe and around the world, and to keep growing
and evolving from traditional Rueda.


The Rueda Exchange is an idea that was first started in 2016 after kicking the concept around for a little while says Ethan Wagner. With so many talented groups around the world developing new, fun, and challenging ideas in the way they dance rueda de casino, we realized there’s a lot we can learn from each other. Before, however, we didn’t get too many opportunities to meet other casineros and take advantage of this collective knowledge. RUEDX:, then, is an event that brings together a bunch of us who are passionate about rueda for a weekend to dance, laugh, share ideas, discuss what we’ve been working on.
Thank you Ethan for allowing us to use your Logo and idea.


1. New York USA February 2016
2. Montreal Canada May 2016
3. Philadelphia USA July 2016
4. Washington USA April 2017
5. New York USA July 2017
7. Montreal Canada May 2019
9. Virginia USA August 2019


6. Southampton UK June 2018 (was the first transatlantic RUEDX)
8. Bratislava Slovakia June 2019
10. Graz Austria November 2019
11. Berlin Germany June 2020


RuedX: Berlin 2020

FB contact: Helen Maria


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us.

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